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Flipping Out – Women’s Gymnastics Trials

Little girls in leotards-i.e., female gymnasts – had their trials on Saturday and Sunday in Philadelphia, and a few more Olympians were named. The trials were only one step in putting together the team, as two team members, Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin, were actually named to the team. Another 12 hopefuls will go to a camp in Texas and perform for Martha Karolyi and the selection committee. The team will be named after the camp, and will be chosen based on their performances at the camp as well as previous competitions.

This selection system has led to some fantastic finishes by the U.S. team, but at the same time, it is also a system begging for corruption. The announcers have said many times that the gymnasts are all aiming to impress Martha Karolyi. A system where one person wields so much power is frightening. Continue reading ‘Flipping Out – Women’s Gymnastics Trials’

Morgan Freeman Makes Me Cry: Go World

Morgan Freeman could read me the menu from Orange Garden and I would still get the chills. When he is involved in a commercial spotlighting the best of the Olympic movement, I cry like a baby. Watch the above link, and I dare you to not get a little teary.