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Try the Trials: Cycling, Judo, Wrestling

Similar to what happens during the Olympic Games, USA Judo and USA Wrestling will have their trials together in Las Vegas this weekend. Yours truly will be there so I will write reports for you, just before heading off to the Secret Garden of Siegfried and Roy.

Cycling: Eight participants were invited to compete in the BMX trials in Chula Vista, but only one can make it to Beijing. Steven Cisar, who took second at the World Championships, is the favorite, but he will be challenged by Donny Robinson and Mike Day.

Judo: Have you ever wanted to just throw somebody? Me too. The 112 athletes who are competing for ten spots on the judo team can really throw some people. Two world medalists are part of this group. Ronda Rousey at 70 kg, took second in 2007, and Brian Olson at 90 kg, a three-time Olympian, won bronze in 1997. He retired after the 2004 Olympics, but came out of retirement to try again for Olympic Gold.

Wrestling: Cael Sanderson, the only gold medalist in wrestling from the 2004 games, is firmly ensconced in his head coaching job at Iowa State.  In freestyle, he is replaced by hopefuls Ben Askren at 74kg, a two time national champion for University of Missouri, Mo Lawal, a World Team Member in 2006. Greco-Roman’s best include Dremiel Byers and Harry Lester, and Athens Olympians, Patricia Miranda and Sara McMann, are headlining women’s freestyle. For a more extensive preview, check out Chicks Heart Fights. The men’s freestyle preview is up now, and I will post Greco and women’s later this week.