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Follow-Up on Ronda Rousey

First reported here, Ronda Rousey’s allegations about Judo official, Fletcher Thornton, have picked up some coverage. Sports by Brooks linked to Fourth Place Medal, and Fanhouse wrote about it as well. Fanhouse claims to have the documents Ronda had mentioned in her post, but didn’t post them because:

All of the documents are more than 25 years old. If I were to post that PDF here, it would undoubtedly make the official in question look bad. But these documents represent just one side of a story, and anyone can write up an affidavit and get it notarized. It would be unfair to this official to simply report the accusations and leave them at that.

Ronda has since taken her post down from her blog, though it is still up at the judo forum. I hope that this is not the end of the story, though. Athlete’s safety should be the most important thing to sport’s governing bodies, and you would think that after the Daniel Doyle incident, judo would want to avoid any appearance of impropriety. Having their star judoka publicly question that safety – and having no response from the other side – is not in the best interest of the sport. I truly enjoyed watching judo when at the trials a few weeks ago. I’d hate to see the credibility of a fantastic sport lost because of inaction.

Judo Olympian Alleges Molestation by Official

Ronda Rousey, recently named to the Judo Olympic team at 70 kg, alleged on her blog that Fletcher Thornton, Director of Standards and Certification, molested several female athletes. When discussing the refs at the Olympic Trials, she writes:

Everyone was up in arms about Daniel Doyle, but USA judo didn’t bat an eyelash at Fletcher Thornton’s DOZENS of documented accusations of molesting young girls. One of our “A” referees even covered his eyes and refused to look at the police reports these girls filed.

Commenters went on to applaud Rousey for speaking up about the problem. Rousey maintains that she is talking about the problem now because as an Olympian, she is in a position to speak the truth. USA Judo declined comment.

Everyone is a blogger: Ronda Rousey and Natalie Golda

These days, everyone has a blog. (I know – I have three.) Many athletes are sharing their thoughts on the Olympic experience online. Today, we look at the blogs of judoka Ronda Rousey, and water polo player Natalie Golda.

Ronda Rousey

We join Ronda just before she leaves for the Olympic Trials, where she made the team at 70 kg. Ronda shares how she avoided confidence issues in her career:

My old coach Trace Nishiyama would have everyone in the club lay down after practice, close their eyes and go “I am a champion! I am a winner!”

I think I am going to start out my mornings like that. Ronda’s blogging topics are not limited to judo, as she also opines on the qualities she likes in guys as well as her own bucket list. Ronda’s blog reminds you that though she is an Olympian, an elite athlete, and can most likely kick your butt, she is also a normal 21 year old.

Natalie Golda

With a blog hosted by NBC, Natalie probably doesn’t have quite as much freedom as Ronda does with her blog. Her team is currently traveling around Europe, tuning up for Beijing. Natalie’s fiancee, Eric, is making the trip with her, and they have taken up Wii tennis:

It truly brings us together. Maybe I’ll write a book: How Wii Saved my Marriage. Keep an eye out for it … might be on Oprah’s list one day.

Natalie’s blog has only been updated a few times in June, but her posts and pictures are enjoyable. We also learn through her blog that Eric proposed just after the Pan-Am games. They will get married in January. Girls, say it with me, awwwwww.

Try the Trials: Cycling, Judo, Wrestling

Similar to what happens during the Olympic Games, USA Judo and USA Wrestling will have their trials together in Las Vegas this weekend. Yours truly will be there so I will write reports for you, just before heading off to the Secret Garden of Siegfried and Roy.

Cycling: Eight participants were invited to compete in the BMX trials in Chula Vista, but only one can make it to Beijing. Steven Cisar, who took second at the World Championships, is the favorite, but he will be challenged by Donny Robinson and Mike Day.

Judo: Have you ever wanted to just throw somebody? Me too. The 112 athletes who are competing for ten spots on the judo team can really throw some people. Two world medalists are part of this group. Ronda Rousey at 70 kg, took second in 2007, and Brian Olson at 90 kg, a three-time Olympian, won bronze in 1997. He retired after the 2004 Olympics, but came out of retirement to try again for Olympic Gold.

Wrestling: Cael Sanderson, the only gold medalist in wrestling from the 2004 games, is firmly ensconced in his head coaching job at Iowa State.  In freestyle, he is replaced by hopefuls Ben Askren at 74kg, a two time national champion for University of Missouri, Mo Lawal, a World Team Member in 2006. Greco-Roman’s best include Dremiel Byers and Harry Lester, and Athens Olympians, Patricia Miranda and Sara McMann, are headlining women’s freestyle. For a more extensive preview, check out Chicks Heart Fights. The men’s freestyle preview is up now, and I will post Greco and women’s later this week.