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Back from My Oly-cation

After the madness of the Trials, I took a little break from Fourth Place Medal. To my two readers, I apologize. Some things to catch up on:

Eric Shanteau wins the balls of steel award-no pun intended. Well, kinda intended. He is putting off cancer surgery to compete in the Olympics. Godspeed to you, Eric.

Breaux Greer, a javelin thrower who was injured during the trials, is going to Beijing.

USA Track & Field decided to place him on the team announced Monday, citing a rule that allows for “the selection of an injured athlete who competed in the Olympic trials but did not final … as long as another athlete is not displaced from the team.”

So, Tyson Gay still can’t run the 200m, unless one of the U.S. runners drop out.

Chicago 2016, the group working to bring the Olympics to my city, had a snazzy little party to raise money for the effort. It netted twelve million. By the way, if Chicago gets the Olympics, I may explode in happiness, and that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

The Chinese will not be serving dog meat at the Olympics.

Usain Bolt has now run the fastest 200m of the year, after breaking the world record at the 100m.

– Via the New York Times, people much smarter than me have made medal predictions for Beijing. The verdict is that the U.S. will win the most overall, but China will win the most gold.

I think that’s everything for now. Phew.

Huzzah – Chicago Moves on for the 2016 Bid!

Chicago has moved onto the next round of cities who are being considered for the 2016 Olympic Games, along with Madrid, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro. As a Chicagoan and quite obviously an Olympic fan, I’m just a little bit excited.

UPDATED: Here is more on the selection from the Chicago Tribune. Chicago’s competition is tough, but definitely beatable. The Tribune’s source said that Chicago is not in the top two, but during the competition for the 2012 games, London was not in the top two. If you are wondering why I am so supremely confident in Chicago winning the games, it’s that I know of our secret weapon.

No, not God, though I do think our secret weapon has God’s phone number. It’s Mayor Richard M. Daley, a man who has never, ever, ever not gotten what he wanted. If you’re not from Chicago, it can be difficult to explain just how powerful he is.  He wanted his brother to get a spot in Clinton’s cabinet – done. He wanted the country’s largest cities to start replicating the rooftop gardens we have in Chicago – done. He wanted the White Sox to win a World Series – done, unfortunately.

Some friends of mine have pointed out that the Olympics are on a much bigger stage, and that getting the Olympics may not happen as easily as the other items on Daley’s wishlist.These friends had worked for the USOC, so I trusted their knowledge. Of course, they told me this just before they assured me that Los Angeles would be the applicant city for the US.