Olympic News and Notes, July 3, 2008

– Sports Illustrated  has a primer on equestrian sports. I’ve always liked equestrian events, and find them infinitely more interesting horse racing.

The Charlotte Observer profiled Cullen Jones, a 50m freestyler who is trying to ease into the 100m freestyle.

– Yao Ming, who seems like one of the coolest athletes on the planet, is holding a raffle to benefit the victims of the Sichuan earthquake. The prize? Be Yao’s guest at the games. You can purchase the tickets here.

– The trials keep rolling on. Bernard Lagat, one of the best stories of the Olympics, qualified at 5,000 meters. Lagat, who is Kenyan-born, is a naturalized American citizen and is very proud to represent his new home. Michael Phelps continues to kick ass.

– The Chinese are so hell bent on showing that their drug testing works that they have barred a few of their own athletes. Luo Meng, a wrestler, is the latest to get banned. Meng was using a diuretic which would help a wrestler cut weight.


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