Diego Hypolito – Brazilian Gymnast Coached by Wizard Cat

If you read Deadspin’s MLB Closer, you know that Wizard Cat is a fan of good defensive baseball plays. It turns out that he has a Brazilian cousin who coaches gymnast Diego Hypolito, a floor exercise dynamo out of Sao Paolo. Known as Assistente de Gato, he helped Hypolito come up with this World Championship floor routine in 2006:

Reuters reports that, in contrast to the state of the art facilities in the U.S., Hypolito trains in a gym overrun cats and children. Not much money is allocated to gymnastics, and Hypolito has no interest in becoming a celebrity. He just wants to win, despite the many obstacles that have gotten in his way. His knee was scoped, and he caught a case of dengue fever that had hit Brazil. His recovery is complete, and he will contend for gold in Beijing.

Hypolito’s floor exercises are fluid and powerful. Assistente de Gato attributes this to Hypolito’s wide ranging training and hard work, as well as de Gato’s training.


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