Follow-Up on Ronda Rousey

First reported here, Ronda Rousey’s allegations about Judo official, Fletcher Thornton, have picked up some coverage. Sports by Brooks linked to Fourth Place Medal, and Fanhouse wrote about it as well. Fanhouse claims to have the documents Ronda had mentioned in her post, but didn’t post them because:

All of the documents are more than 25 years old. If I were to post that PDF here, it would undoubtedly make the official in question look bad. But these documents represent just one side of a story, and anyone can write up an affidavit and get it notarized. It would be unfair to this official to simply report the accusations and leave them at that.

Ronda has since taken her post down from her blog, though it is still up at the judo forum. I hope that this is not the end of the story, though. Athlete’s safety should be the most important thing to sport’s governing bodies, and you would think that after the Daniel Doyle incident, judo would want to avoid any appearance of impropriety. Having their star judoka publicly question that safety – and having no response from the other side – is not in the best interest of the sport. I truly enjoyed watching judo when at the trials a few weeks ago. I’d hate to see the credibility of a fantastic sport lost because of inaction.


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