Diving Trials Yield Four Olympians

laura wilkinson trials

Laura Wilkinson at the Olympic Trials on Sunday in Indianapolis

Much like the gymnastics teams, the trials for diving don’t decide every member of the team. One diver for each discipline is nominated, and the rest of the athletes are trying for a spot in the selection camp. From those camps, one other athlete will be named, and synchronized diving teams will also be selected. The athletes who have already punched their tickets to Beijing are Christina Loukas and Troy Dumais for the three meter springboard, and David Boudia and Laura Wilkinson for ten meter platform.

Youth is the name of the game in diving. Friends and training partners David Boudia and Thomas Finchum, both 18 years old, battled each other for the spot at 10m platform. Most other competitors are not old enough to buy the Jagermeister they most likely would celebrate with. (For some reason – divers seem like Jagerbomb people.) There is good reason for that – diving beats the crap out of your body. When diving off the 10m platform, divers hit the water at about 35 mph. Think about the stress that puts on the athletes’ joints, neck and head.

That much stress on the body makes Wilkinson’s career even more amazing. At 30, she is twice the age of some of her competitors. She has battled back from injuries and the disappointment of her finish at the Athens games. Her performance Sunday garnered seven perfect 10’s, and Wilkinson showed that she is back and ready to win gold in Beijing.


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