Why Does China Want to Ruin My Summer?

Time Magazine asks a salient, yet frightening question: What if China does not allow the games to be broadcast? From the article:

Differences over a wide range of issues — from limits on live coverage in Tiananmen Square to allegations that freight shipments of TV broadcasting equipment are being held up in Chinese ports — surfaced in a contentious meeting late last month between Beijing organizers and high-ranking International Olympic Committee officials and TV executives — including those from NBC.

Seriously? I cannot even fathom an untelevised Olympics, and would probably cry if I didn’t get to hear Bob Costas pontificate nightly, but that is not the bigger issue. I have to ask – what is making China so afraid that they don’t want anything, not even the games, caught on camera? They claim that their citizens are happy, and no one will protest, and that only the sun will shine on Beijing, so wouldn’t they want to broadcast that wonder and delight to the world? Their desire to control every aspect of coverage will only backfire. I just hope that it doesn’t end up depriving the world of the goosebump-inducing moments that we have come to expect with every Olympiad.


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