Try the Trials

Most of us will never make it to the Olympics, as athletes or as fans. They happen only every two years, are usually expensive to travel to, and it can be difficult to get tickets. I have never been. I’m making a long-term plan to go to London, and sending up every prayer that I will get to see the 2016 games from my hometown.

I bring this up because, though it’s not easy to get to see the Games in person, it is absolutely easy for us to see the athletes in action before they compete in Beijing. These events are happening in every sport, all across the country. See?

Watching the trials gives you a clearer picture of just how much these athletes sacrifice to get to the games. You see husbands, wives and children, cheering on their loved ones, knowing that if mommy or daddy make it to the Olympics, they’ll get to spend LESS time together. You see friends who have supported the athletes through the ups and downs, bought t-shirts, and now want to be there for the pinnacle. Most importantly, you’ll see who doesn’t make it. They, too, have spent their lives trying to achieve the Olympic dream, but because of one step, one second, one move, they won’t be going to Beijing. I guarantee that you will not forget their faces.

Fourth Medal will follow all of the Olympic Team Trials, plus the happenings of national teams already chosen.  This week in Olympians-to-be:

Keep checking back for more information on trials, and if it’s geographically desirable, buy some tickets for some event. You won’t be disappointed.


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